branding, marketing, and communications for educational, cultural, and mission-driven institutions devoted to doing social good

Donner Creative Communication Strategies (DCCS) is led by Nancy Donner, a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience managing reputation, awareness, and identity for some of the nation's premier cultural, educational, and not-for-profit organizations.

Drawing on a combination of expertise and instinct, Nancy and her team help organizations problem-solve by offering solutions through customized media relations, content marketing, and branding services.

“Nancy makes things happen. She certainly did this at The New School, where she built a first-rate team and moved the entire organization forward.

“She has an eye for what works, she's unafraid to try new things, she can be bold and raise the excitement level. At the same time, she is an apt student of institutional culture and knows how to navigate issues large and small.

"With wit and charm, and with unflagging energy, she makes everything better in the world of communication.”

Jim Murtha,
former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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Nancy Donner has led communications and marketing efforts at some of New York City’s finest educational, cultural, and mission-driven institutions. By collaborating across departments, motivating teams, and bringing unique and innovative ideas to fruition, Nancy specializes in building strong departments, launching brands that stand out among competitors, and developing integrated marketing campaigns—using earned, owned, paid and shared media—that get results.